Positioning Thunes as the Leader of the Cross-Border Payments Revolution

Thunes is a fintech company specialising in cross-border payments to more than 100 countries including emerging and developed markets.

With a large network of partners, cutting-edge technology, and an accelerated growth track, Thunes needed to increase awareness and understanding of their product. While they were en route to revolutionise the cross-border payments landscape, no one knew who they were.

They needed a well-rounded PR and content strategy to:

A Global PR Strategy, For Global Ambitions

One of our first major projects with Thunes involved telling the world about their Series B funding — a key milestone for any startup. It required a PR and content outreach strategy that did justice to the sheer scale of the announcement.

Our story to the media was clear: Thunes is a major player in the cross-border payment space.

PR and content outreach strategy
A two-pronged outreach strategy of net fishing and spearfishing

This was followed by a two-pronged outreach strategy of net fishing and spearfishing — a good split of getting the news out as wide as possible, while simultaneously targeting key regional and global publications relevant to the company.

As their PR partner, with every new partnership, leadership movement and milestone, our strategy includes: locating the right distribution circuits and media outlets, conveying messaging accurately and efficiently, and securing relevant interviews and speaking opportunities for Thunes’ leadership.

Impactful Content to Maximise Brand Awareness

Refreshed content strategy

Working with Thunes to define clear content pillars and objectives, their owned channels went through a refresh.

Each piece of well-researched content now has its place and purpose, supported with vibrant, exciting graphics. From people, products or the larger payments landscape, our team worked to extensively research, interview and produce impactful content that spoke to their unique target audience.

Refreshed content strategy
Landing pages to better communicate product offering

Landing pages to better communicate product offering

To complement their unique solutions for customers, we created landing pages for Thunes’ products — one of which is the Business Hub. The product served a specific target audience: users of their payment solutions. We designed the landing page to showcase its offerings and easy-to-use interface.

We incorporated strongly actionable copy with impactful and easily digestible visuals, successfully highlighting their product’s unique selling points while providing visitors succinct and useful information.

Engaging EDMs

Visually powerful and targeted EDMs were also crafted to complement Thunes’ new product launches such as a refreshed customer portal, and a digital onboarding portal. These EDMs addressed their respective target audiences, be it partners, potential clients, or more.

Engaging EDMs

Clear Metrics, Strong Results

In just under six months we achieved impressive results with our combined PR and content strategy.


300%+ increase in LinkedIn followers

Media mentions

Nearly 3,000 media mentions for all releases

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