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For those who seek perfection. Starting with a cup of coffee.

How do you market a new line of high-end fully automatic coffee machines (FACM)?

the prima donna life

By promoting a lifestyle worthy of those who strive for nothing but the best.

Under the De'Longhi brand, The Prima Donna Life campaign is a content marketing campaign that highlights individuals who are experts and trailblazers in their own field, who seek perfection and precision in everything they do — even in a cup of coffee.

The campaign includes original branding ideation, an online magazine, two social media channels, paid search and social media, and an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) marketing automation that could generate and identify leads.


Defining The Brand Identity

We conceptualised and designed the campaign's branding, starting with the logos. As the campaign progressed, its logo also evolved.

Content Curation

Stories, Articles, Infographics

The website features stories about Asia’s specialty or artisanal coffee, and lifestyle stories that would resonate with the buyers’ persona.

prima donna life
prima donna life

Building A Digital Presence

The Prima Donna Life website houses all original content created by our team, including video highlights and engaging content on coffee, lifestyle and travel.

We ensured a natural connection between the content and the product itself; the Prima Donna Elite machine.

the prima donna website
the prima donna website

Social Media Strategy and Management

It’s not enough to create great content. Every story has to reach the right audience too. We fully manage and create the content on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, partnering with cafes as well as lifestyle brands who share our vision.

Each strategic post is created with the Prima Donna Life in mind, inspiring our fans through coffee, culture and travel.

the prima donna life facebook page
the prima donna life facebook page

PPC, Paid Search, Display Ad Strategy and Management

A robust paid search and ad strategy creates brand awareness and resonance in our targeted audience. Through demographic segmentation according to location, age, gender and even behaviour, we are able to fine tune our strategy to precisely target the audience we want.

Branded Video Content

The Prima Donnas

Each Prima Donna has a unique story to tell, so we made sure to create short films that are just as captivating. Produced and shot entirely in-house, our team conceptualised each piece after thorough research on inspiring and talented Singaporeans and Malaysians.

As a collective, the films provided a rare glimpse into the life and inspiration behind each individual, from the watchmaker to the floral artist, the woodworker or the independent publisher.


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