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Kitchen appliance manufactuer Kenwood's Love Wholesome campaign is a textbook example of content marketing in action. Centered around a website with regularly updated content focused on healthy eating and home cooking, it is designed to educate, inform, and entertain consumers without the hard sell of traditional advertising. It is demand generation through storytelling. And some great local recipes!

Lovewholesome example

Running a Website like a Magazine

The website is designed and maintained by us, and we manage the content publication pipeline as well. We work both with contributors and our own team on the content calendar and story assignments, running it very much like the newsrooms from our past.

Video and infographics compliment traditional articles, giving the site a modern, multimedia mix of content that is eminently shareable.


Paid Ads for Awareness and Consideration

Managed PPC campaigns across Google's Search and Display networks are designed to draw in users both in the awareness and consideration phases of their journey, while the site's content acts to generate demand for the tools that enable healthy home cooking. Managed ads on the site itself drive targeted traffic through to the Kenwood ecommerce site.

Engaging through Email

Regular EDMs and newsletters are used to further engage the community. With regular tactical and seasonal campaigns complimenting the evergreen message, EDMs and landing pages have proven a powerful combination.

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