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Global VC Firm Strengthens Content Offerings & Thought Leadership

GGV Capital is a global VC firm that invests in local founders. As a multi-stage, sector-focused firm, GGV focuses on seed-to-growth stage investments across multiple sectors. Having already established a growing community of listeners with their successful bi-monthly podcast, Evolving For The Next Billion, the team at GGVC was looking at expanded content offerings and updated digital assets to bring GGVC’s thought leadership into a progressive new space.

Our solution involved branding, content strategy, and managed web services, our client-friendly solution for website design, development, and maintenance.

Web Design and Development

The new ‘The Next Billion’ website was envisioned as a trusted resource for aspiring founders, entrepreneurs – a content-hub for tech-focused entrepreneurs as they sought to better the lives of the next billion Internet users.

With the new website, GGVC is well-positioned to gain top-of-mind awareness as the top-notch VC firm in the region.

GGV Web Design example

Insightful Stories, Impactful People

GGV Stories examples

What will users find on the website? A content-rich hub filled with insightful articles, podcasts with interesting people and founders, AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with Managing Partners and touchpoints for interested users to stay connected with GGV’s team. Each piece of content is well-researched by our team and stress-tested to remain relevant and informative for the audience.

Social Media Amplification

Building Regional Presence on LinkedIn

Recognising Asia as a hotbed for innovative startups and hungry entrepreneurs, GGV Capital launched a new LinkedIn page to demonstrate its focus on the region. The page features curated content from the Next Billion (podcasts and choice reads), relevant news and valuable insights — all to establish GGV's Asian expertise and know-how.

Social Media Amplification

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