Video Storytelling to Bring Social Change


“Sa Gar Ahla Ku Htone”, which means word therapy, is a nation-wide campaign in Myanmar focused on turning negative online culture into one that instead promotes empathy and kindness.

Video Storytelling

With the support of Facebook and Yangon-based arts collective Pyinsa Rasa, social change agency Love Frankie brought together ten of Myanmar’s top creative talents on an interactive learning journey to inspire online citizens in Myanmar to adopt a more positive online behaviour. Each artist received funding to bring their projects to life, and they were brought together for a public exhibition in November 2019. Each of the projects held the same objective of countering hate speech through artistic expressions.

Salween Group conceptualised and produced a series of three short-form videos featuring selected artists, documenting their journey and capturing the essence of the program. These videos were used to amplify the program’s key messaging of kindness and empathy online to a national audience. The joint Singapore-Myanmar production team interviewed the artists and filmed their creative process in Yangon over a few days, and post-production was done back at our Singapore headquarters.

Video Storytelling
Video Storytelling

We also produced additional assets for Facebook and Love Frankie to spotlight the “Sa Gar Ahla Ku Htone” program as a successful case study for internal events.

Through these videos, the audience was able to appreciate the creative process of the artists, understand the importance of this initiative, and learn that art has the power to bring social change.

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