TEDx in Myanmar

Spreading Ideas Through A Positive Platform

TEDx in Myanmar

In the spirit of TED’s mission to discover “ideas worth spreading”, TEDx was brought to life in Myanmar by a community of like-minded individuals. Today, it provides a positive platform for speakers to share their ideas and stories, and for the community to hear from individuals who might not otherwise be heard.

Since 2016, our CEO and Founder Sylvia Saw McKaige has been part of the organising committee. For TEDxYangon 2020, we worked on designing the event’s branded assets, supported on-ground production, and created the pre- and post-event videos, amplifying content from the small stage for a global one.

Putting Together “The Big Questions”

As an established brand, TEDx has an existing signature look. Our goal was to use their branded colours, red and black, to create a visual identity that is in sync with TEDxYangon 2020’s theme – “The Big Questions”.

From poster designs to backdrops and collaterals, the big “Q” became the heartbeat of the event. This consistent identity was not only essential for branded social media sharing but also retained the event’s image in the minds of the attendees.

TEDxYangon 2020 “The Big Questions”
TEDx in Myanmar

On-ground Event Management and Production

Besides taking care of the pre-event venue setup, Sylvia was also the Production Manager in the control room on event day.

From coordination of the lights and sounds, to cueing what goes on the big screen, she oversaw the production team to ensure that the live event progressed smoothly without a hitch.

Post-Production Videos

We worked closely with a local broadcaster to capture the sights and sounds. Our in-house production team then managed all the post-production in our Singapore office.

There’s nothing more powerful than sharing these inspiring talks to a global community – all speaker sessions were uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel to spark conversations and inspire ideas.


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