Sankyo Frontier Global

Japan’s Leading Modular Building Provider Goes Regional

Sankyo Frontier is Japan’s leading manufacturer and retailer of modular units. The company had set its ten-year plan to expand its presence into the region, and one day, worldwide. The team entrusted us with supporting their first steps into growing their brand in some new markets — namely Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar.

We started out with branding, helping the management team adapt what was a Japanese-centric brand for an international audience. We then built them a new global website and spearheaded awareness campaigns using PPC on Google and Facebook. To establish the company's expertise and get the word out on its unique selling points to potential customers in the region, particularly Myanmar, we began building their social media presence through a combination of curated and original content on Facebook.

Brand Management

As a first step, we helped Sankyo Frontier determine how they would present their brand to the world, translating their Japanese values and expertise into an effective communication style across its digital platforms outside Japan.

Website Design, Development and Maintenance

We designed and developed their new global website to serve as the brand's primary online presence. As the team also wanted to reach out to local audiences in Myanmar, we also created market-specific landing pages in the Myanmar language that would explain Sankyo Frontier Global’s products and unique selling points to generate sales leads for their team.

Targeted PPC Campaigns

To help Sankyo Frontier build a customer base from scratch, we needed its potential customers to know about the brand. We crafted and managed pay-per-click campaigns on Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook to make it happen.

The ads drove traffic to the landing pages in both English and the Myanmar language, depending on the specific campaign objectives. We used a combination of Search and Display to maximise traffic and generate leads.

Social Media

We crafted a social media presence on Facebook to showcase the digital content we produced, as well as curated content. Posts included articles on modular buildings and the brand’s unique selling points, designed to kickstart awareness about the benefits of modular buildings, generate buzz and build the brand image as an expert in modular buildings.

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