2016 Salween Show Reel - Salween Group
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2016 Salween Show Reel

Show reels are hard because they don’t provide context for what you are showing, but they are a necessary evil in the moving visuals industry. We were asked to put one together for a presentation recently, and had a blast making this while reminiscing about all the hard work that went into these projects. This short show reel highlights some of the things we have done, with an emphasis on the past 12 months, and has datelines including Singapore, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Switzerland.


Video, web design, print campaigns, social media-specific content production, motion graphics, and event management and curation are but tools in the toolbox we use for smart content marketing. We take pride in our tools.


A special thanks to our clients for trusting us to help them to tell their stories. We also do quite a few projects under NDA which are of course not shown here, but remain fond memories.

Salween Group

2016 Salween Group Show Reel

Motion Graphics, Video Production, Web Design
Motion Graphics, Post Production, Video Production, Web Design