Myanmar Video Production

Myanmar is one of our top locations for our branded content video production. From multi-camera OB shoots for corporate clients and the TEDx Inya Lake and TEDx Yangon talks (read about it here), to media training and corporate video production for some of the country’s top brands, we have Myanmar covered.

One of the most interesting shoots we've had was for our client Awba, the country's largest distributor of agricultural technology. Awba sponsors MMA figher Aung La Na Sang, the "Burmese Python". We produced a series of videos for broadcast, for playout on the screens in the stadium before a fight, and for social media. Here is an English-language version of a video that was distributed on Facebook.


For Myanmar's iconic Yum Yum noodle brand, we crafted a series of videos as part of a rebranding excercise that included a brand video, a video outlining the company's CSR initiatives, and a video that highlighted their child care center that was used as a recruitment tool.


Another example where video was used as a storytelling tool was the relaunch of the Pun Hlaing Estate brand, a luxury real estate community in Yangon. Using the concept of "real people, real stories", we talked to residents about why they chose to call Pun Hlaing home. The series, called "Faces of Pun Hlaing" was released as featured content on the estate’s new website.

In all these examples Salween Group was responsible from conceptualization to execution and final post production. Non-fiction storytelling with video is great way for brands to tell stories. Using "real people" instead of actors brings an authenticity to the table that fictional characters can not. This cinematic documentary style of production is one of our favorite tools. It is how we help you to tell your story... using smart content to build brands... globally.


Your brand has a story. We'll help you tell it.

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