Responsive Web Design for an Iconic Myanmar Brand - Salween Group
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Responsive Web Design for an Iconic Myanmar Brand

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design
Graphic Design, Project Management, Web Design

Yum Yum instant noodles is one of Myanmar’s most iconic brands, and manufacturer Yathar Cho Industry looked to us to bring a modern, responsive design to their website. Internet access by mobile devices far outpaces that of desktops in Myanmar as the newly opened economy leapfrogs straight into the wireless data era. Brands looking to connect over the web need to be mobile-friendly. As a rule all our web design work is responsive… by design.


Art direction and photography were managed by the Salween Group, giving the site a unified look and feel and the client a convenient single point of contact. The website also acts as a channel for Yathar Cho Industry’s new corporate videos on its corporate culture, its family-first HR practices, and its CSR work for audiences both in Myanmar and abroad.


Multi-language websites have become a regular request, and the Yum Yum Myanmar project was no exception. In addition to the Myanmar language and English, the site will also be viewable in both simplified and traditional Chinese.