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Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar

Leading Japanese Life Insurer Entrance into Myanmar

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar is part of Dai-ichi Life Group, one of Japan’s leading life insurers with over 117 years of history. The company was one of the first 100% foreign-owned insurance companies to obtain a life insurance license to operate in Myanmar. We were tasked with helping the brand establish a foothold in the country’s budding insurance sector.

Besides amplifying the Dai-ichi brand in Myanmar, we played a vital role in communicating the importance of life insurance as it is still a new concept in the country. This was achieved through a robust content and digital marketing strategy as well as a media outreach plan that featured targeted, timely, and newsworthy story angles.

Dai-ichi Life

Building the Brand and Visual Identity​

Having a strong brand identity is essential for any business. Together with the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar (Dai-ichi) team, we brainstormed and identified a strong message house that is aligned with the Group’s business objectives.

From there, we developed Dai-ichi's brand positioning and the tools needed to communicate the brand. This included conceptualising a visual identity that was inspired by the company’s Japanese roots and establishing brand guidelines to ensure consistency in our communications and graphics.

Brand Ambassador Management

Merging a brand’s messaging with the personal style of its brand ambassador is paramount to the relationship’s success and reaching the right audience. As with all brand ambassadors and influencers that we engage, we ensure that their personal image and values are a match with the client’s before connecting them. ​

From conceptualising and coordinating community and business initiatives to video productions and photoshoots, we managed the relationship between both parties to ensure seamless communications.

Dai-ichi Life Myanmar Aung La and son
Dai-ichi Life Myanmar collage

Using Social Media to Meet Business Objectives ​

In Myanmar, Facebook is the internet. We leveraged it as a one-stop information platform to engage with the local audience and provide them educational content on insurance.

We also established a corporate presence on LinkedIn to build a B2B audience through thought leadership as well as to drive recruitment efforts.

A social media playbook was also put together to ensure that all graphic assets and content were given a unified look and tone.

We monitored and managed user feedback and sales enquiries that came in via social media. This allowed us to moderate content and community discussions to maintain the brand’s reputation and improve user experience.

Amplifying Our Messages to the Right Audience, at the Right Time

A robust paid media strategy coupled with our compelling content returned 1,200% of the KPI on impressions.

We worked closely with the Dai-ichi team to orchestrate a paid media strategy that laid the essential foundations for brand-building on selected social media platforms.

This ranged from digital ad creation, to managing the budget, campaign monitoring and reporting.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Professionally Designed Graphics

Visual assets play a pivotal role in grabbing attention and driving engagement. Well-designed graphic assets convey a brand’s ideas by catching a consumer’s eye, then their attention.

Whether it’s in print or online, from social media graphics and presentation decks to billboards and marketing collaterals, our in-house graphics team took care of the design ideation and execution of Dai-ichi's artwork.

Dai-ichi Life Myanmar folder
Dai-ichi Life Myanmar folder

Branded Video Content

We produced a series of videos to highlight the benefits of insurance planning as well as videos tied to tactical campaigns and events. With Dai-ichi based in Myanmar, its brand ambassador in the US, and our headquarters in Singapore, video productions were coordinated between teams in 3 cities spread across 2 continents.

These videos were then shared on social media and boosted to maximise engagement and generate leads.

With more than 18 million video views within the first 3 months of the brand’s launch, it was a highly successful project made possible by multiple teams from different countries and functional backgrounds.


A Robust PR and Media Strategy with Compelling Story Angles ​

Working closely with the regional and local PR media was imperative to the success of building the Dai-ichi brand in Myanmar. We managed every aspect of media outreach; scoring media opportunities in major news outlets for the CEO to share thought leadership. We also spearheaded key announcements of business and product launches through timely press releases.

Dai-ichi Life Myanmar clip
Dai-ichi Life Myanmar clip

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