About Us - Salween Group
Our team includes award-winning individuals from broadcast journalism, marketing, and graphics design backgrounds. We put the Content in Content Marketing.
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About Us

Award-winning strategists, creatives, marketers and big thinkers


We are a boutique but full-service branding and digital marketing agency with a strong focus on creating engaging content, and a strong focus on our clients. Our multi-year relationships with some of the region’s most well-known brands are testament to that.


We come from diverse and vibrant backgrounds in broadcast media, journalism, design and production, and are united by our passion for creating content that starts conversations.

Meet The Team

Sylvia Saw McKaige

Founder and CEO


Sylvia steers the Salween Group ship. Her entrepreneurial spirit, pragmatic approach and knack for bringing out the best in people has shaped who we are and what we do. With nearly two decades of experience in media and communications, Sylvia understands and respects clients’ perspectives and shares their strategy and vision. Her accomplishments and experiences in balancing the best of editorial and commercial content mean she’s always ready to dive into something creative and new, embracing the challenges and the potential of the region.

Fariza Salleh

Lead Content Strategist


Fariza has over a decade of creative experience and spent her early years with the “big” ad agencies before joining a regional tech start-up where she led an in-house design team. She has a strong background in editing, copywriting and content strategy with a focus on digital media. As a trained advertising specialist who always looks to humanise brands first, Fariza knows how to create the right content, for the right audience, on the right platform.

Gloria Lee

Content Strategist


Gloria is a wordsmith with a diverse range of experience working with clients from all sectors. Her early foray into digital marketing piqued her interest in helping brands connect online with the right audiences through creative storytelling. Today, she continues to build narratives that incorporate rich visuals and the perfect one-liner, bridging the gap between brands and their consumers.

Clara Choo

Content Strategist


Clara began her journey as a marketer in the e-commerce space, developing touch points to influence the consumer journey in a sophisticated, non-linear approach suited to this digital age. Along the way, she discovered her passion for using words and images to tell compelling stories that can transform lives, and transform brands.

Krystal Lim

Content Strategist


Krystal started her journey in digital marketing working with a range of high profile B2C clients in New York City. A strong believer in the power of the written word, she is a brand evangelist who develops and executes end-to-end marketing campaigns for our clients. Her bespoke approach stems from a deep understanding of branding, content strategy and holistic marketing.

Ko Pxyo

Senior Graphic Designer


Ko Pxyo has been a media producer and graphic designer for more than 12 years. His creative talents have been showcased in his roles as Art Director at the Phnom Penh Post and the Myanmar Times. As the Creative Director for Frontier Myanmar, a weekly news magazine published by our sister company, Black Knight Media, Ko Pxyo has his finger on the pulse of the region. He is a core member of our graphics team and contributes his design skills to help on a range of client projects.

Gail Low

Communications & Visual Content Strategist


Gail is a visual communicator. For over a decade, she’s told stories through graphics. From her beginnings as a designer, she moved into the world of marketing to expand her understanding of communications and media. Today, her strategic process utilises design principles for a unique approach that informs how we create content.

Ferlin Frange

Creative Director


With over a decade of experience in web design and development, Ferlin leads our digital team. He always challenges himself to think out of the box for user interaction and experience design to fulfil both his creative streak and our client’s business goals and objectives.

Minakshi Sharma

Marketing Technologist


Minakshi is a veteran IT professional and IT educator and helps the team wrangle our comprehensive marketing technology stack. Her passion for lifelong learning makes her invaluable in the rapidly evolving digital marketing space.

Clarence Kwek

Senior Digital Designer


Clarence has over a decade of experience in branding, creative digital media design and web development and has worked with some of the region’s biggest brands. His creative and technical experience enables him to help our clients develop robust solutions to their online needs.

Frank Gibson



Frank is a passionate video artist with over 7 years of experience in the creative industry. A video production all-arounder, from script-writing to videography, to video-editing and motion graphics, he has a clear vision of the client’s requirements for every video project.

David McKaige

Director of Operations


David is an award-winning news and current affairs cameraman and producer. More than 20 years of experience in the field have granted him datelines from Bosnia to Beijing. With his deep experience in the technicalities of broadcast, production, and engineering, David spearheads the video production and post-production teams and manages our digital marketing tech stack.

At our core, we are storytellers.