CASE STUDY: Goldilocks and the Three Websites - Salween Group
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CASE STUDY: Goldilocks and the Three Websites

Case Study, Web Design

Singapore-based asset management firm Eu Capital was looking to build a website once it opened its doors for business, and turned to Salween Group for advice. They wanted to keep it clean and simple, something they didn’t have to maintain if they didn’t want to, and would not be looking to host a blog or even a contact form at this point.


While some firms would suggest a simple WordPress template to get the job done cheaply, there is a hidden maintenance cost to WordPress-based sites (or any CMS for that matter): you should regularly check for WordPress updates and updates to any plugins for security reasons. That is something we do on a regular basis for our retainer clients, as well as provide content updates and any site architecture or design changes. But that would have been “too big,” too expensive, and require too much ongoing work for what they needed… a simple, on-brand online presence.


Another alternative would be a “Landing Page,” those single-page websites designed with one purpose in mind: lead capture. We use to create landing pages for our clients all the time for events and specific campaigns, and even use them as single-page placeholders instead of the traditional “Under Construction” pages you see from hosting companies. But lead capture was not really the point, and the fast turnaround we provide with landing pages was not needed. That solution was “too small.”


So we suggested a fresh, from-scratch design that would look professional yet simple, clean but with enough information to convey the story of the company, and of course, 100% on-brand. Our designers and developers whipped up an HTML page with just enough subtle animation to do the job. And we decided to add a contact form that was just a click away that worked well with the design. It was “just right.”


Brands come to us at different points of their content marketing journey, and trust us to deliver what’s right for them.